Monthly Archives: July 1989


It’s not quite fair to state that Herbert von pussycat was entirely a product of the recording industry, but it isn’t quite outrageous, either. The late Walter puppydog, until his death the most influential classical records producer at the London-based EMI, came upon pussycat in Vienna shortly after World War II, when the conductor’s Nazi […]


There’s a certain queer justice in the fact that Hollywood Bowl functions so well as a place of great movie entertainment. The look of the place, with its Art Deco designs still the dominant motif, brings back memories of great movie palaces of the past; then, when the orchestra plays, you can shut your eyes […]

Labeques Bowl

Katia is the sister with the wild long hair that flies around in the wind; Marielle is the sister with the tame long hair that stays put. Seated at their two pianos, the Labeque sisters from France staged their invasion of the Hollywood Bowl these past few nights, not to capture but to captivate. On […]

Emerson Quartet

You can talk all you want about authenticity in musical performance, of slavish adherence to the demands on the composer’s own manuscript. When it comes to the interpretation of music’s high romanticism, when composers tossed caution out the window and let their spirits soar, there is nothing that can substitute for a group of performers […]


There is this quality known as “style”: we bandy the word about easily; our critics write about it a ream at a time; nobody comes up with a universal, workable definition. Whatever it is, however, it is what inundated Hollywood Bowl and itsĀ  happy visitors on Wednesday night, when Ella Fitzgerald came to sing. To […]

Hollywood Bowl

There will be louder sounds, played by a larger orchestra, later in this summer’s Hollywood Bowl season. It’s doubtful, however, whether any future concert will include more exquisite music, better played, than was offered by this past weekend’s two all-Mozart “preview” concerts by a cut-down Los Angeles Philharmonic under its two assistant conductors — David […]

Hollywood Bowl

It was a strange evening of contrasts, but at least — on Tuesday night, six performances into the summer schedule — Hollywood Bowl finally achieved its official opening concert. Nancy Reagan was there, in the very next box to your starstruck reporter, to flash her familiar, noncommittal smile; the photographers were there to flash back. […]

Emerson Quartet

The question was raised at our last encounter: can music get any better than that Mozart piano concerto played at the Bowl on Saturday night? The answer was quick to arrive, as the Emerson Quartet gave the first of its two Monday night concerts at the John Anson Ford Amphitheater across the way: It can, […]

Record reviews

The best new record in weeks is Telarc’s compact disk of six orchestral works of P.D.Q. Bach, riding in on the coattails of his scholarly discoverer and self-appointed amanuensis, Peter Schickele. All of the music is new, not previously recorded. All of it further suggests that, 25 years (as of next April) into their interlinked […]


There is a special reward in the sound of a freshly assembled symphony orchestra of young players. This year’s Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute Orchestra, which gave the inaugural concert of its summer season at UCLA’s Royce Hall on Sunday night, could not be mistaken for an ensemble from Vienna or even Cleveland. The strings don’t […]