Monthly Archives: June 1990


There is a certain shock value in hearing the music of the distant past, as there often is with music of today. Our most familiar repertory stems from a time (Bach, say, through Debussy) when certain stated or implied rules governed such musical matters as harmony and structure. Anything composed before those rules, or after […]


Elsewhere the drought took its toll, but the UCLA campus has been richly awash these last four days — inundated, that is, with magical Mozart, much of it unfamiliar, all of it beautifully done. Perhaps the limitations suggested by the title “Baroque Mozart” were not strictly observed in this third biennial E. Nakamichi Festival, but […]


Just before the happy end of “Happy End,” the 1929 Bert Brecht/Kurt Weill musical that began a five week run at Costa Mesa’s South Coast Repertory on Friday night — the ringleader of the bandit gang delivers a ringing speech. Robbing a bank, she (yes, she) proclaims, is nowhere near as great a sin as […]


By general agreement, “The Girl of the Golden West” is Puccini’s problem opera. Maybe so, but the Music Center Opera’s new production, unveiled Wednesday night in an out-of-town tryout at the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa, presents a whole string of problem-solvings, most of them brilliant. The problems are basic, the principal […]