Monthly Archives: September 1990


“It’s not quite true, what it says in the gallery brochure,” said Maurice Sendak, “that I only got into opera so that I could design “Idomeneo,” but it’s close. All those old-time “Idomeneo” lovers, they all look down on us newcomers as some sort of cultural yuppies. But I’m 62, and I’ve loved that opera, […]


Of all musical instruments, the clarinets come closest to the sound of the human voice. You might, therefore, expect a concert by two expert clarinetists to come close to the sound of real conversation. You’d be right. Exactly that happened, in fact, in a splendidly communicative encounter by two of this region’s most valued progressive […]


I HAVE NEW ART, 1 VERTICAL OF DICK ‘N’ PAT, WILL BRING IN [F/L] It would be possible, with a little hard work, to have a terrible time at the Music Center Opera’s “Nixon in China,” but why waste the effort? However you may feel about the particularities of the work — the broad eclecticism of […]


The aim of the Los Angeles Festival, as frequently stated by its producers, is to expand the horizons of local audiences through new and mysterious artistic experiences. That being so, Saturday night’s visit to the Japan-America Theater by the Kun Opera of China must be reckoned a success. It was a most mysterious evening. There […]


Has any opera company of any size, anywhere in the world, run up in its first five years a more distinguished string of successes than that of our own Music Center Opera. Sure, there have been lapses along the way, but Tuesday night’s “Fidelio” wasn’t one of them. The very excellence of the high points […]


Operatically inclined radio listeners within reach of New York’s WQXR know the voice and the wisdom of George Jellinek. For years, especially on his program called “The Vocal Scene,” he has expounded on the great voices of our time, without indulging in the kind of hysterical jabberwock that some opera fanatics assume as their lingua […]