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In the 27 years since its founding, the Opera Workshop at the California State University at Northridge has provided valuable training to its young participants, and substantial entertainment to the folks out front as well. Its over 100 productions have ranged from repertory works to contemporary novelties. Its current production of Kirke Mechem’s “Tartuffe,”which runs […]


They’re off and running again in Pasadena. Saturday night at the Civic Auditorium, Jorge Mester and his Pasadena Symphony Orchestra ended their season’s opening concert with a mighty sprint through Dvorak’s “New World” Symphony — transformed for the occasion from the music of a composer nostalgic for his homeland to the music of a man apparently […]


At New York’s Carnegie Hall last month, Andre Previn had led the Los Angeles Philharmonic in Steven Stucky’s “Angelus” and William Schuman’s Third Symphony, and was scheduled to do so again this week at the Music Center. Later discovering that he needed more time to prepare an upcoming program in Vienna Previn, with his renowned […]


Over the past 40 years more or less, under one or another name, the Monday Evening Concerts have served to instruct, thrill, irritate, bore and fascinate audiences of various sizes, with their obsessive programs devoted mostly to the outer edges of the musical repertory. It is doubtful, however, whether many events in that series have […]


The spirit of Mischa Schneider hovered smilingly over UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall on Sunday afternoon. Cellist of the Budapest Quartet of fond memory, teacher and saintly friend to all chamber-music players, Schneider is now celebrated in “Music for Mischa,” a moveable chamber-music feast that began its fifth season on Sunday before a sizable if not capacity […]


Maybe the Glendale Symphony Orchestra isn’t actually in or from Glendale. But the crowd that made the pilgrimage to the Music Center on Sunday night, to greet the start of the ensemble’s 67th season, made it quite clear that this was the orchestra of Glendale. In actuality, the orchestra is formed from the immense local […]


I”VE MADE A FEW QUICK CHANGES HERE AS A ROUGH UPDATE. Nobody with any sense of history could have taken Leonard Bernstein’s retirement announcement of last Tuesday at face value. He had, after all, made the announcement before: casting off one facet of his multifaceted talent in order to devote more time to another. Sure, […]


Recitals by strong-fingered pianists are reasonably common. Strong-fingered pianists with equally strong musical intelligence are a far rarer phenomenon. Monday night’s Music Center concert by Andras Schiff, however, proved eminently satisfactory on both counts. The program itself was a particularly brainy selection. Large works of Beethoven (the B-flat Sonata, Opus 22) and Schumann (the Symphonic […]


[*] laby2;p1205.By Alan Rich [B]Daily News Music Critic[B] Considering the number of years the musical world has basked in the glow of Leontyne Price’s artistry — 33, since her lustrous Aida at the San Francisco Opera — one might have regarded the soprano’s Royce Hall recital on Saturday night as an exercise in nostalgia. No […]


Try as they might, not even the assembled forces of the Music Center Opera could obliterate the radiant beauties of Gluck’s “Orfeo ed Euridice.” The question must be raised, therefore: why did they even try? The production, which opened on Wednesday night and runs for three more performances, was brought in from Santa Fe, where […]