Monthly Archives: July 1991


In music-making, more may be merrier, but more is often mellower as well. That theory was nicely put to the test at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night, when the presence of two orchestras — 200 musicians — sounded at least as good, perhaps even better, than either of the orchestras by itself. This was, in […]


As far as one can determine, given the peculiar acoustical and aeronautical atmosphere at the Hollywood Bowl, Michael Morgan is a new arrival very much worth your attention. Morgan, who conducted the Los Angeles Philharmonic on Tuesday night in a most impressive debut appearance, is 35, and is the assistant conductor at the Chicago Symphony. […]


At 10:50 on Sunday the final joyous strains of Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro” filled the cool night air at the Hollywood Bowl. Billed variously as a “Mozart Akademie” and a “Mozart Mini-Marathon,” the concert had begun 4 hours and 20 minutes earlier, and had covered a lot of ground, all of it Mozartian. The […]


Yuri Temirkanov, who conducted the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night — the fourth of his five appearances here — remains one of the most interesting of contemporary conductors. Perhaps “interesting” conducting wasn’t exactly what Tuesday night’s program called for, however. It was another of those solid, chestnut-studded programs: Tchaikovsky’s “Romeo and […]


Even when silent, the Getty Museum stands as continuing assurance that civilization abides. Add music, and the proof becomes indisputable. This summer’s Saturday-night series at the Getty (long since sold out) is, unsurprisingly, devoted to Mozart, whose music is the perfect match for the classical decor in the small inner garden where the music is played. […]


Old Sebastian Bach lived a lifetime without hearing a note of his “Brandenburg” Concertos. There’s no information, in fact, that anyone — in the castle of the Brandenburg nobles or anywhere else — heard these works in their own time. Contrast that with the 7,549 souls privileged to sit through all six of these iridescent […]


The roar of drums split the evening air; the brassy strains of “The Star- Spangled Banner” lit up the evening sky. At approximately 7:45 last Tuesday evening a new season at the Hollywood Bowl sprang into life. From now until September 21, the most generously planned of any urban music festival will be going on […]