Monthly Archives: May 1998

Three for the Road

Symphony orchestras, like fine wines, travel badly; yet travel they must. It’s not enough, for both commodities, to garner fame and fortune in their own back yards. The Philadelphia Orchestra must also conquer audiences in Costa Mesa, as a superb Burgundy must lubricate the plastic at a four-star Manhattan eatery. Hearing the Philadelphia at Segerstrom […]

Roll Over, Beethoven

Interesting paradox: At a time of continued lamentation in certain unenlightened circles over the overdose of hardcore atrocities being foisted upon helpless local audiences, the past few weeks have seen more kindness extended to new music than to the warhorses. At the Philharmonic we’ve recently had Esa-Pekka’s first foray – except as concerto accompanist – […]

Mastery, Mastery

So far, the Philharmonic’s extraordinary celebration of Gyorgy Ligeti’s music has concentrated on his work from the 1960s – the decade of assassinations, Vietnam, the Bay of Pigs, Cuban missiles and the walk on the moon. For Ligeti it was also the decade of hope, hopes dashed and betrayal for his native Hungary, and the […]