Monthly Archives: June 1998

Nudity, Gunshots, Sex, Feathers

They’ve done it again, Michael Milenski and his weird and wonderful Long Beach Opera. What looked on paper like a couple of time-wasting, doom-destined ventures in operatic futility have turned out – in the time-honored Long Beach tradition – fascinating, irritating, provocative and more than somewhat worthwhile. And even though the two works offered over […]

Something Old…

You have to admire the thinness of the line that sometimes separates the very old from the very new. Here at hand, for example, are recent discs that demonstrate some interesting across-the-centuries coincidences. On a Nonesuch collection called, simply, Early Music, the Kronos Quartet creates believable soul mates (or, at least, disc mates) out of […]

A Fluctuating Sameness

Any entertainment that consists of two or more consecutive events under the same management qualifies as “festival” – from Bayreuth to Ojai – and the crowds come running. I’m not sure whether last week’s “Resistance fluctuations,” which was identified as “a new unpredictable music festival,” actually qualified as “entertainment”; I’m not even sure that the […]

For the Birds

The crescent moon emerged in the sky over Ojai. The woodpeckers, at home in the huge sycamore to the right of the bandstand at Libbey Bowl, had finished feeding their newborn brats and chattered for a while about the day’s delights; soon their song would be taken over by the attendant crickets on their night […]