Monthly Archives: February 1999

A Trivial Traviata

THE L.A. OPERA’S CURRENT LA TRAVIATA — its second attempt to scale the expressive heights of Verdi’s irresistible tragedy — is its best production so far this season (five down, two to go), but that, alas, isn’t saying very much. The singing on opening night, barring an occasional wandering from pitch, was the work of […]

Hands and Feats

It was a week of pianists: top-dollar virtuosos at the Music Center, an early-music specialist at a “historic site,” a new-music specialist at the County Museum, brains and brawn with the L.A. Chamber Orchestra at Glendale’s Alex. If the results didn’t fully define the state of piano performance at century’s end, they at least afforded […]

Sir Edward and the Sow's Ear

Photo courtesy Allegro Films By the same distance that the Elgar Cello Concerto is a better piece of music than the Rach 3, so is Hilary and Jackie a more honorable piece of movie making than Shine. As a teller of truths about music, or as a purveyor of plausible fictions, it far outshines such […]

Taking No Prisoners

Photo by Diane AlancraigWithin a few days last week, a fearless listener could have taken in a wildly diverse and mostly wonderful panorama of new-music creativity and ended up the better for the effort. Just as a sample: At the County Museum’s Monday Evening Concert, the Parisii Quartet (from Paris, need I add) played music […]