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YOU WILL FIND MORE USEFUL TRUTHS about music in the dozen or so comic operas of the Sirs W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan than in all 20 volumes of Grove’s Dictionary. The irresistible beauty of their tunes and counterpoints compound the miracle; their deadly accuracy in holding up for ridicule the absurdities that underlie some […]

TGIF at the Bowl

CLASSICAL SNOBS, WHOSE COMPANY I seldom cherish, tend to look down upon the Friday/Saturday concerts at the Hollywood Bowl as some form of lowlife entertainment to be swept under the nearest rug. What can you expect, they sneer, from a pickup orchestra whose personnel changes from week to week, with soloists booked from the ranks […]

Sour Notes

Photo by Greg GormanOPENING NIGHT OF THE CLASSICAL-music series at the Hollywood Bowl — not to be confused with the “Beatles Music Spectacular Opening Night Gala” of two weeks before, or the “Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular” that filled three nights in between — offered the members of the press the customary pre-concert spread; it […]

Episode Zero

THE TIMING WAS PERFECT: “EPISODE I” of the Bay Area’s own George Lucas’ Star Wars packing the movie palaces worldwide; Richard Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung as the San Francisco Opera’s hot-ticket item for most of last month at the War Memorial Opera House. Can such occurrences be mere coincidence? The overlap of plot gadgetry […]