Monthly Archives: August 1999

A Bowl of Cherries, Some With Pits

Harth-Bedoya photo by Christian SteinerSERGEI PROKOFIEV’S FIFTH SYMPHONY dates from 1944, but it is the latest large-scale orchestral work to achieve permanence in the standard repertory. Some two dozen recordings are listed in the latest Schwann; at least that many more have come and gone. Until the performance at the Hollywood Bowl a couple of […]

Handel, With Care

IN THE ASTOUNDING LEGACY OF HANDEL operas that now, at long last, assumes its rightful place on world stages, Rodelinda stands apart. It deals not with gods, magicians and philandering Roman generals but with humans subject to human-size emotions. Its characters fall in and out of love, even as you and I, and they sing […]

They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore

THANKS TO MR. TURNER’S GOOD OFFICES, Deception dropped into my satellite dish a few weeks ago, reminding me once again of the current glum treatment visited by moviemakers upon the noble art I so valiantly struggle to serve. You can have your Australian nut cases driven mad by the Rach 3; you can have your […]

Good, Bad, Beautiful, Etc.

FELIX MENDELSSOHN HAS FARED poorly on local hillsides this summer. At the Hollywood Bowl, in the Cahuenga Pass, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg was her usual bratty self, turning the Violin Concerto into personal showoff. At the Getty Center, high above Sepulveda Pass, sour notes masquerading as authentic performance practice turned a couple of well-known orchestral masterpieces into […]