Monthly Archives: August 2000

Bach, Brubeck and the Bridge

To my generation of budding musicologists, ardently perusing the heavily footnoted scholarly literature on Bach and Before, Dave Brubeck was the bridge to What Lay Beyond, the first jazz performer we could listen to and still preserve our self-respect. Himself a composer with serious credentials, a prize student of the formidable Darius Milhaud in the […]

Island of Bliss

The best operatic performance I’ve seen this year took place not in Los Angeles, Long Beach or Costa Mesa, but in Santa Barbara. There, since 1947, the Music Academy of the West has topped its summer festival with some kind of staged production involving the services of the Academy‘s students, faculty and an occasional guest. […]

Meat and Potatoes by the Bowlful

Phopto by Christian Steiner There is a magical moment – one of many, actually – midway in the first movement of Beethoven’s “Eroica” Symphony. The orchestra has come through a furious battle punctuated by shrieks and howls, horrendous offbeat accents and a whole new tune that has dared to intrude in an outrageously “wrong” key […]

Timeless and Timely

Anyone who attended the Glynde-bourne Festival Opera‘s 1996 production of Handel’s Theodora is probably still talking about it; the event has assumed the stature of legend. Now we all can sample its splendors; the complete performance is finally available on two cassettes from Kultur Video, priced at a heartwarmingly low 30 bucks. Its release at […]

Multimedia, 1500 Style

The concert at the Getty Center two weekends ago, the second of three events this summer tied into museum exhibits, came as close to perfection as any since . . . well, since the last time I saw Michael Eagan’s Musica Angelica in performance there (Handel‘s Acis and Galatea two summers ago). Eagan and his […]