Monthly Archives: June 2001

Carrying On at the Atreus Motel

The House of Atreus, immortalized by Sophocles some 2,400 years back, has become a beachfront motel complete with pool, perhaps in latter-day Long Beach. Elektra, her sister Chrysothemis, their mother, Clytemnestra, and her lover, Aegisthus, have rooms there, in the care of five chamber-maids and their boss. Elektra has it in for Clytemnestra, whom she […]

Piercing the Gloom

The June gloom settled over Ojai for most of the Festival weekend; the skies remained gray, the air downright chilly. What light and heat there was came from the stage, in the usual admirable abundance. Have I ever not had a good time at the Ojai Music Festival? Unimaginable! This was the 55th running of […]

Not With a Whimper, but a Bang

Who would have believed it? On February 29, 1988, England’s Arditti Quartet played its usual killer new-music program in its first-ever Los Angeles concert, and lured a gathering of some 20 people to LACMA‘s Bing Theater. Last week the Arditti’s program, even more challenging if anything, filled LACMA‘s plaza with something closer to 300 hopeful […]