Monthly Archives: August 2001

Fiddler and the Goof

If you had asked me to dream up 100 truly atrocious ideas for a new piece of music, I still wouldn’t have come up with last week’s Hollywood Bowl catastrophe. Some things are beyond the realm of the conceivable, and in their number I would place the idea of turning Leonard Bernstein’s music from West […]

A Distaste for Trash

There’s nothing wrong with an occasional wallow in the lower depths. I go to Norm’s for lunch now and then; I own two pairs of Doc Martens; I’ve been known to watch a soap or two. But gee whiz, folks, there’s a limit, and a week at the Hollywood Bowl wherein the offerings included Lalo’s […]

The Accordion in Her Life

A couple of Saturdays ago, several of us, in a corner of the performance space at the Schindler House in West Hollywood, watched as a small spider did what spiders do best. She had anchored her new web between two lightbulbs on an overhead cable. From there she swung down on a strand of web, […]

Ludwig's Rhinoceros

A superb performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, such as Matthias Bamert led last week at the Hollywood Bowl, carries a huge array of incidental baggage. Like a rhinoceros at a tea party, the Ninth lumbered onto the musical scene in 1824, trampled upon even the most liberal-minded of artistic expectations, sent critics back to their […]