Monthly Archives: December 2002


Like a chipped tooth that constantly lures the tip of the tongue, a musical score left unfinished broadcasts an irresistible summons. Never mind the magnificence of Mozart’s own contribution to his Requiem; accept with gratitude the two movements (plus an aborted start at a third) of the young Schubert’s B-minor Symphony. As long as these […]

Finger Food

Yefim Bronfman’s piano recital two weeks ago at the Music Center was everything such an event needs to be: fluff and substance, novelty and familiarity carefully compounded, played with awesome technique and admirable wisdom. As piano recitals go, it lacked the giddy adventure of Vicki Ray‘s Piano Spheres performance last month, but that whole remarkable […]

The Wife's Old Tales

“THIS PERFORMING VERSION, conceived by Marta Domingo,” reads a program note for the Los Angeles Opera’s current Tales of Hoffmann, “is based on Michael Kaye’s variorum edition of the opera.” That may be so, in Mama Domingo’s creative imagination. But when Michael Kaye’s new version of Offenbach’s enduring fantasy opera was staged by the L.A. […]