Monthly Archives: December 2003

Disney Hall, The Sound, the Fury, the Wounded Knees

1 Footsteps on Disney Hall’s balcony stairs: They clatter, they clomp, and musicians onstage have been known to complain out loud. Berlin Philharmonic violinists, over on stage left, could be seen mocking the noisemaking before the start of one of their recent concerts here. Wanna bet they don’t do that in Berlin? 2 Want some […]

The Spirit Survives

Little Joe’s mother is sick, but there’s no money for milk. Joe and his friend Annette go to the village square to sing for money, but that annoys Brundib├ír, the town minstrel. He drowns them out with a loud song. With the help of the Cat, the Bird and the Dog, Joe and Annette muster […]

The Discovery of California

The year was 1978, and while some guys on Sunset were concocting the prototype of the paper you now hold, I was 2,500 miles away, holding down the classical-music gig at New York magazine and convinced that life held no fairer prize. Came a bloke named Dick Houdek with an invitation, plus plane ticket, to […]

Disney Primeval

TO ALL THAT OPULENCE on view at Disney Hall, REDCAT is the perfect counterbalance. Nobody cares about the acoustics, since most of its music is miked. Nobody cares about the look of the place, since its 200-seat space is infinitely adjustable. You don’t begrudge Walt Disney his kazillion-dollar entry to high culture through Frank Gehry’s […]