Monthly Archives: June 2005

Dark Elegies

WORDS BECOME MUSIC The sound of Frances-Marie Uitti’s cello resonates in the bloodstream. She would have it so; she has devoted considerable time and effort to enhancing the seductive throb of her instrument – developing a cello with six strings, and a way of playing with two bows. Next fall she starts a year’s residence […]

At Long Beach, Unusual Biz As Usual

Photo by Kenneth Ian PolakoffSITE NON-SPECIFICTrust the Long Beach Opera as time-and-place travelers. Not so long ago the company asked us to accept a transplant of Richard Strauss’ blood-drenched Elektra from sun-swept Grecian isles to the doom-haunted shores of Malibu. For its latest venture into anachronism, revealed two weeks ago in the Carpenter Center at […]

Movable Cleveland

Photo by Tre VorleightonANTONIN, FRANZ AND RUDI Two clarinets entwine around a soft arpeggio, and Antonin Dvorák’s F-major Symphony (No. 5 by modern listing, formerly No. 3) is under your skin before you feel its soft touch. No symphony makes its presence known more subtly, more endearingly, yet the work is seldom played. Franz Welser-Möst […]

The Dirty Old Men Meet the Critics

Photos by Robert MillardFADED NOBILITY The critics were all over town last week – dance, theater, music – convening with their self-importance in full array, convoking their endless panel discussions (I led one), checking out what Los Angeles had to offer that Dayton did not, allowing themselves grudging respect for local amenities. I hung out […]

Bad Nights at the Opera

It happened on another 9/11 – 2000, to be exact. Tenor-superior Plácido Domingo, the L.A. Opera’s newly anointed artistic director, called a press conference, and the freeloaders were all there to sip the opera company’s coffee and sample Domingo’s pie-in-the-sky. There was plenty: a new production of Wagner’s Ring involving George Lucas, a new opera […]

Goddard's Kid

Amor, Amor . . . The Liebersons have spent the week with us, and we are the better for it. Peter Lieberson is the son of Goddard, who in his day was one of music’s authentic heroes. Goddard Lieberson was the head of Columbia Records in the 1950s, the early days of the LP, when […]