Monthly Archives: August 2005

Goose Bumps Along the Left Insula

I Love Wolfgang A recent New York Times Science section had a QA about music and emotion. “Why is it,” asked Q, “that particularly beautiful music gives me goose bumps or even makes me cry?” “It’s because,” answered A, “of a particular area called the ‘left insula,’ [which is] involved in the emotional processing of […]

The Many Excellences of Yo-Yo Ma

Infinite Variety Even if he weren’t one of the finest performers on his chosen instrument anywhere in today’s musical world, Yo-Yo Ma would stand apart. Fame rests upon his shoulders as a benevolent aura. His recent appearance at the Hollywood Bowl, not so much at the head of his Silk Road Ensemble but in its […]

Sex and The Piano Concerto

Waist Not, Want Not I may have the measurements slightly off here, but it seems to me that Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto and the Hollywood Bowl are artworks of about the same size, and were actually made for one another. Both are eminently satisfying, with few demands on the thinking apparatus, to large groups of […]

Native Sounds

Photo by Jim ArndtFinished Symphonies Aaron Copland’s Third Symphony, on at the Hollywood Bowl last week, was the most significant out-of-the-way music in this summer’s Bowl programming. It dates from a time when the notion of the Great American Symphony was taken as a cultural imperative: the triumphant assertion of this country’s ordained place in […]