Monthly Archives: April 2007

Enchanted Evenings – and Not

The Tristan Reject Not content with merely presenting the inscrutable masterpiece, the opera that changed the course of artistic thought forever, the Philharmonic offered further ennoblement under the rubric of “The Tristan Project.” First injected onto the Disney stage in 2004 with Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde kibbled into three separate acts, three nights, three tickets […]

Dark Elegies

When People Die . . . Back in 1992, the host of KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic – what’s-‘is-name? – let himself be hypnotized by the Third Symphony of the Polish composer Henryk Górecki, and passed it on to the rest of us. For several weeks, it seemed as if that was all you could hear, […]


Moving Along One day in 2005, Ernest Fleischmann, former honcho of the Philharmonic and now of the musical world at large, invited me to lunch, a frequent and pleasant occurrence. This time there was good food, plus a command. On no circumstance, came the order from Ernest On High, was I to miss the upcoming […]

One of Those Weeks

Rousing the Dead Christopher Rouse burst upon the scene in the 1980s, with a barrage of orchestral works bearing titles such as Bump, Phantasmata and Infernal Machine and, in sheer decibel power, living up to their names. Later on, he was to master the more eloquent modes of expression; a cello concerto (commissioned for Yo-Yo […]