Monthly Archives: June 2007

Hangin' in There

Swan Songs And still they come. There’s no way of knowing where the latest classical disc releases may be had – something-or-other dot-com seems to be the easiest manner of acquisition – but some producers continue to behave as if the market were happy and flourishing, and there are releases out there worth your attention […]

Ojai: Survival and Revival

The Fateful Tick Only György Ligeti could have dreamed it up. And while his Poème Symphonique actually had had its premiere several decades ago (in 1962) and many thousand miles away (in the Netherlands), it proved exactly the right curtain raiser for this 61st run of the wondrously indescribable festival-like-none-other that ennobled a long weekend […]

Curtain Calls

Flat Tortilla The opera company that rose to distinction with Don Carlo, Poppea and Mahagonny during its excellent season lurched toward triviality at season’s end, first with last month’s overproduced, overstuffed Merry Widow and now with Luisa Fernanda. In a press briefing a week before the premiere, general director Plácido Domingo expressed the idea of […]

Shadow and Substance

The Bullshit Factor The elderly white-haired gentleman sat on the stage and smiled. “This is one of the world’s greatest composers,” said Steven Stucky by way of introducing his old teacher from Cornell University days. “He is the world’s greatest composer,” repeats KUSC’s Jim Svejda about his Czech mate, week after week, in a heartwarming […]