Monthly Archives: July 2007

Once More Into the Bowl

Missing the Moonlight Maurice Ravel composed his Piano Concerto as a handshake to the American audiences who awaited his first tour of this country. His first movement teems with his new love of the American vernacular; the jazz licks are straight out of Gershwin, maybe a line or two of Paul Whiteman, something of the […]

On With Their Heads!

Hope Remains The grandiose pillared portico of Munich’s National Theater – built in 1825, gutted by our boys in 1943, reopened in 1963 – bespeaks a city that honors and is honored by its opera. Tristan and Die Meistersinger had their premieres there; the shadows of the Richards, Wagner and Strauss, linger at the podium. […]

Home Entertainment

Composers What can a composer say about his or her music that the music itself cannot say better? The question is voluminously argued, with results that fill libraries. Lately they’ve been filling DVDs as well, with results of varying quality. Here are two DVDs of recent issue or reissue. Both are documentaries on composers about […]

Small Things Considered

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Plácido Domingo zoomed out from the wings at the Hollywood Bowl on opening night, encased in Kristin Chenoweth as wraparound, and I was suddenly overpowered by memory. On October 23, 1966, at the New York State Theater, a somewhat younger Domingo gathered up a fragile Pat Brooks in exactly the […]