Monthly Archives: April 2008

Parting Shots

The Last Romantic Helmut Lachenmann cuts a solitary figure in today’s musical world. At a time when much of the talk centers on accessibility, on a generation of composer-heroes – Adams, Ad├Ęs, Reich, Saariaho, Salonen, just for starters – who have found ways to reach out to audiences with serious and imaginative creativity, that old […]

Dear Old Friends

Before There Was Ambien The air was full of memories at the season finale of the “Piano Spheres” concerts last week; the music was too. Ursula Oppens was the pianist – “Oyssla,” as Morty Feldman always called her in his high Brooklynese – and everything on her program was also by one or another of […]

And When the Dust Had Settled …

Don’t Feed the Animals More of the same: The new guy has come and gone after his two-week Philharmonic guest shot, leaving behind echoes of adoration and tumults of anticipation – next Disney gig: November 24 – and memories of a sound spectrum ranging from the infinitesimal (the tail flicks of Debussy’s Afternoon of a […]

Fantastique Shake-Up

Genius, Age 27 He’s real, he’s ours: Gustavo Dudamel. You could almost say they were made for each other, even to a similarity of hairdo – Hector Berlioz, who astounded musical society with his Symphonie Fantastique at the age of 27, and the Philharmonic’s maestro-designate, Gustavo Dudamel, who at the same age delivered Berlioz’s almost-masterpiece […]