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Anna Ruzena Sprotte

TO LAWEEKLY FROM ALAN RICH HOLLYWOOD BOWL FOR BEST OF L.A. 1999 HED: THE DOINGS AT DAISY DELL           They called it Daisy Dell back then, and if anyone wanted to compile a “best of L.A.” compendium around, say, 1907, it might very well qualify as the best of all picnic spots, back when the […]

Hell and Farewell

The Scuttling of KCSN (?)  Rumors now abound from high in that the University  has decided to sell KCSN the excellent little  station for which the University holds the broadcast license – perhaps by as early as July 1st.. As we last reported, Dean Robert Bucker (he of the deceptive letter in our last post) […]


MATTERS ORGANIC Paul Jacobs was in town on Friday; great lunch at Engine 28. He is bound and determined to convert me into the ranks of organ-music devotees, but then the conversation turns to items such as the Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony and I back down. In 1942 I had a best friend at summer camp, […]

Chutzpah Under the Sycamores: Ojai Music Festival

“How was Ojai?” you will ask, and the answer – as in every one of the past 61 years – remains the same: “Same old, same old – and wonderful.” The report usually starts with weather: drizzle some years; this year, uninterrupted sublime, the meteorological equivalent of Dawn Upshaw gift-wrapping a Schubert song. (There was […]

La Rondine at L.A. Opera

MAGDA DOES JOAN: “La Rondine” is with us again,  Puccini’s elegant snore, with Marta Domingo’s tinkerings in place to confuse what is already inadequate in the dramatic resolution and with Michael Scott’s Coney Island Merry-Go-Round of an Act-Two stage set to cheapen and vulgarize even further what is already wrong-headed and simply clumsy in Signora […]

More on Ojai

THE LATEST FROM OJAI: I’m writing this a few hours after one of the best Ojai Festival concerts ever, the best kind of program for that special place. It began with high-class noise: Steve Reich’s “Clapping Music,” his early (1972) essay in pure rhythm, in an “original cast” performance: Steve and Russ Hartenberger. Music director […]

Ojai Festival Day 1

Ojai again. After 62 years, nothing surprises. Thirty-five years ago a Carnegie Hall audience rose up in revolt at the minimalist nothingness of Steve Reich’s “Four Organs”;  Last night there were whoops and cheers of joy and celebrations. Reich is the main attraction this year; three of the main events are entirely his. The “Daniel […]


WHERE SOMETIMES IS HEARD A DISCOURAGING WORD: The trials of KCSN, the plucky, valuable station attached but somewhat dangling at Cal State Northridge, continue. This letter was recently sent to all listeners complaining that the station had abandoned its fund-raising activities: Dear KCSN Listener: Thank you for expressing your interest in the current and future […]

soiveheard #5

BEST OF ALL…I seriously doubt if any place on earth could provide a more intellectually stimulating and , ultimately satisfying musical  week  than the one we’ve just had here in Los Angeles and its environs. It began out on the edge, with Jacaranda in Santa Monica; it ended with Esa-Pekka’s new Piano Concerto downtown. Midway […]