Monthly Archives: December 2008


FUTURE SHAPES: Imagine the scene,  in a rehearsal room in a building many miles oceanward from the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The stage is a sloping expanse, perhaps 40 feet across, painted white with geometrical patterns. At the front sits Hagen, leader of the Gibichungs; he is masked and costumed to resemble, perhaps, a very large […]


ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER: The crowd for the Calder Quartet program at Zipper last Friday overpowered the box-office staff, which was unfortunate and should be looked into; otherwise it was an encouraging and blessed event. A lot of it was student freebie, of course, but even the asking price for the paying crowd  – ten […]

Gustavo's Week

GUSTAVO’S WEEK: On Thursday night there was the Strauss Alpen-Symphonie, an hour of orchestral banality as unbearable to the mind and the backside as anything I care to summon up. The work must appeal to Dudamel, for reasons I will not attempt to fathom. On this program it followed the Concerto (K. 488) that offers […]

The Week That Will Be

THE WEEK THAT WILL BE: So here’s December, when the music lightens up for the holidays, and we get to turn off the brains for a few weeks of jingle-bells, Hah! December 4: Gustavo Dudamel leads the Philharmonic at Disney in Kurtág’s Stele, Mozart’s A-major Piano Concerto (with the heartbreaking slow movement, and with Rudolf […]