Larry and Ginny Kruger

Remembering being EnRiched by Alan

A music critic capable of palpably fostering music life, performance culture and the growth of repertory is the rarity that Los Angeles enjoyed for the several decades when Alan Rich thrust his impact upon us via any vehicle he could command. Uncompromising and constructively generous in sharing his knowledgeable insights about music and musicians, the decades of pungent commentary extended to recent blogs filled with large, balanced aliquots of vitriol, passion, humor and pep talk. His behind the scene activity running the “Music Room” contemporary music sessions at Betty Freeman’s home brought many of us in contact with the avant garde composers of 20th century music, and although much was controversial- as Alan thought it should be, the spirit of camaraderie became an important force in the music scene of our times.
Alan loved to ‘curmudge’, much as he loved to create verbs from nouns, and Rich nomenclature and whimsy has long infiltrated the local world of music.
He loved words and good food as he loved music-passionately! Although he sometimes loved to qvetch, it was usually with that smile which is the way we shall remember him.