David and Margie Barry

My first encounters with Alan’s genius as a music credit were before I had met him. Around 1992, I began reading his reviews in LA Weekly. Many of the concerts that he reviewed were attended by Margie and me, and had been reviewed in the LA Times. So I was interested in what he had to say, even his disparaging remarks about Brahms and Sibelius. As luck would have it, when Disney Hall opened, our seats were just above his seat. I learned much about his terse and rather non-communicative comments about any opinions that I offered. Gradually, we enjoyed talking and reminiscing about what we had seen and what seemed important.

I think that the only time I saw Alan dressed up in a tuxedo was at the opening gala of Disney Hall. He looked splendid.

Somewhat to my surprise, Alan called me and invited Margie and me to his New Year ’s Day afternoon party. This continued until 2009, when we sadly realized that Alan was failing. I realized then that Alan and I had become close friends, although this was more implied than expressed. In the past year, I have taken Alan to many sushi lunches, meals he could not resist. During this period, we opened our discussions to many people and topics. I loved his opinion that Gustavo Dudamel came from another planet. I loved Alan, and will miss him so much, as will most Los Angeles music followers.