Richard Mitnick:

I am just a simple music lover in New Jersey. But, for a while, I belonged to KUSC in Los Angeles, after our own station, WNYC, tossed out day time Classical music on the FM station in favor of talk.

In one monthly news letter from KUSC, Alan had written the main piece. I was never happy with the lack of more modern works at KUSC. I wrote to Alan via the L.A. Weekly, asking him to try to use his good influence to get more modern music on the station. That got me nothing for KUSC; but it did get me onto Alan’s email list. I got Alan’s emails and then switched over to SoIveHeard.

I would comment once in a while. Alan would often respond. So, we built up a wee relationship, this great critic and me, the Sensei and the grasshopper. The last thing we did, Alan asked me for two copies of the Great Performances piece on the Gustavo Dudamel premier, one for him and one for his housekeeper who adored “The Dude”. I sent them, and commented that the next time I was in L.A. to visit my daughter, it might be nice if we could meet. Alan responded with his telephone number and said that he would “keep a candle burning in the window”.

Alas, he passed a few weeks after that last message, which I have kept.