Doris Koplik
Director of Media Relations
Long Beach Opera

Alan Rich was an early champion of Long Beach Opera, the oldest professional opera company in LA/OC, and he enthusiastically watched its development into an edgy and relevant company. He didn’t love everything we did, but he didn’t love everything anyone did and we wouldn’t have wanted Alan any other way. I loved sending him invitations to review our shows as he often made amusing comments to me. My last memory of Alan was at the opening night of NIXON IN CHINA on March 20. He wrote when asking for tickets:

“With the suspicion that I may not outlive any further revivals of John Adams’ marvelous opera, I’d to request pairs of press comps for both “Nixon in China” performances this month. Strike, the poet said, while the iron is hot, and “Nixon” is surely that.” Alan Rich
He is missed!