Monthly Archives: January 2000

Opera Velveeta

Comes a time when even the youngest at heart among the critical confraternity simply runs out of new ways of expressing the awfulness of Gounod‘s Faust — the drabness of its musical invention, its lurid insult to Goethe’s great poetry it purports to honor, its sheer arrogance in holding an audience captive for hour upon […]

A Complex Edifice

By the end of the first millennium — around 999, say — California could boast a “politically stable, sedentary and conservative” population (Encyclopaedia Britannica, Volume 13, Page 327), with a strong sense of community that included avid cultivation of the arts. These early Californians built apartment complexes where several families lived in adjoining spaces, and […]

Boys and Girls Together

Robert Beaser isn’t what you‘d call a sublime composer, but in that one tiny scene at least he seems to suggest that he knows what opera is all about. His opera is the final part of Central Park, a trilogy of short operas by American composers — Deborah Drattell and Michael Torke are the first […]