Monthly Archives: March 2003

Four Play, More or Less

Photo by Cylla Von Tiedemann People have been heard to say, once in a while, that chamber music is an alien art hereabouts, that Los Angeles prefers its music loud. That might have been the case at one time – in the 1980s, say, when the Sequoia Quartet flourished and then foundered, when a brave […]

…And Never the Twain Shall Meet

If you needed a couple of perfect lab specimens to illustrate the philosophical gap between East Coast and West Coast music, you couldn’t find worthier paradigms than the events at either end of a recent five-day stretch. At one end, Elliott Carter’s string quartets; at the other, John Adams’ El NiƱo. Anyone who doesn’t consider […]

That Other '70s Show

Having served us nobly, for the past 30 years or so, in resurrecting both the music of the distant past and its surrounding ambiance – baroque chamber music in a baroque-rip-off Pasadena mansion, say – MaryAnn Bonino’s Da Camera Society has now brought its explorations to within shooting range of nowadays. The substance on a […]

Composer From Hell

MARK-ANTHONY TURNAGE LOOKS like a bloke and composes like a diabolical horde. He first invaded our awareness at Ojai in 2000 with Blood on the Floor, 70 minutes of exquisitely controlled mayhem. The title came from one of Francis Bacon’s lurid canvases; if ever sight and sound smashed against each other in the formation of […]