Monthly Archives: October 2005


Still Bound Just that teasing first chirp from the superb woodwind contingent was news good enough to start off the Philharmonic’s 87th season, its third in Disney Concert Hall, the first of its “Beethoven Unbound” series. That sound – the tricky woodwind seventh chord that starts Beethoven’s First Symphony, delightfully, in the “wrong” harmony – […]

Learning to Love the Bomb

The Clouds Gather Like the explosive “gadget” that forms its centerpiece, John Adams’ Doctor Atomic casts a blinding light upon the gloomy musical landscape. Suddenly there is something new and famous in classical music: an American opera, no less – not a rewrite of a movie script this time (as is contemporary practice among lesser […]

The Tastemaker

“Look, here’s a young couple back from their fellowship in Europe. They’ve had a year of good bread, good cheese, good wine. They should be able to enjoy those things here and for not very much money. They can’t do so at the supermarket, with the big brands, but they can here.” The year was […]